BookList (what I’ve read)

Here are some of the less than meaty tomes I have read in the past year or so…

Sebastian Faulks – A Week In December
Jonathan Franzen – The Corrections
David Nicholls – One Day
Bill Brewster – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Brett Easton-Ellis – Imperial Bedrooms
Jonathan Franzen – Freedom
Sebastian Faulks – Engleby
Stieg Larsson – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest
Damon Galgatt – In A Strange Place
Christopher Hitchens – Hitch 22
Linda, Tiffany, – You’ll Never Make Love In This Town Again
Jonathan Franzen – The Discomfort Zone
Moshin Hamid – The Reluctant Fundamentalist
John Updike – Rabbit Run
Deepak Chopra – Buddha
Nick Kent – Apathy For The Devil
David Quammen –  The Reluctant Mr Darwin
Spitz – David Bowie
Simon Reynolds – Retromania
Jonathan Coe – Impeccable Life Of Maxwell Sim
Lloyd Bradley – Bass Culture
Charlotte Roche – Wetlands 


JG Ballard – Miracle Of Life
Junot Diaz – The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao
Richard Milward – Ten Storey Love Song
Gombrich – A Little History Of The World
John Peel – Margrave Of The Marshes
Chris Ayers – Death By Leisure
William Boyd – Ordinary Thunderstorms
Colm Toibin – Homage To Barcelona
Jean Genet – The Thiefs Journal 

Barry Unsworth – ‘Sacred Hunger’
Zoe Heller – ‘The Believers’
George Orwell – ‘Why I Write’
Kieran Desai – ‘The Inheritance Of Loss’
Richard Dawkins – ‘God Is Not Great’
Louisa Worster – ‘May I Introduce Myself’
Charlie Brooker – ‘Dawn Of The Dumb’
Hanif Kureishi – ‘Something To Tell You’
Ian McEwan – ‘Child In Time’
Bill Bryson – ‘Shakespeare’

Carmen Laforet – ‘Nada’
Michel Houellebecq – ‘Whatever’
John Niven – ‘Kill Your Friends’
Christopher Hitchens  – ‘God Is Not Great’
Aravind Adiga – ‘White Tiger’
Cormac McCarthy – ‘The Road’
Jonathan Trigell – ‘Cham’
JG Ballard – ‘High Rise’
Sebastian Horsely – ‘Dandy In The Underworld’
Ann Enright – ‘The Gathering’

Toby Litt – ‘Corpsing’
Haruki Murikami – ‘After The Quake’
Gautan Malkani – ‘Londonstani’
John Fowles – ‘The Collector’
Haruki Murikami – ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’
Alex James – ‘Bit Of A Blur’
Zoe Heller – ‘Everything You Know’
Ian McEwan – ‘Chesil Beach’
JG Ballard – ‘Kingdom Come’
Chad Kultgen – ‘The Average American Male’
Michael Houellebecq – ‘Possibility Of An Island’
Oliver James – ‘They F**k You Up’
Rory Stewart – ‘Prince Of The Marshes’
Zoe Williams – ‘End Of The Affair’
Julian Barnes – ‘Arthur and George’
Ian Banks – ‘Dead Air’
Nick Hornby – ‘A Long Way Down’
Laura Weisberger – ‘Everyone Worth Knowing’
Haruki Murakami – ‘South Of The Border, West Of The Sun’
Zadie Smith – ‘On Beauty’
William Boyd – ‘Restless’
Sex Lives Of Cannibals
Paul Theroux – ‘Fresh Air Fiend’
Haruki Murakami – ‘Kafka On The Shore’
Rory Stewart – ‘Places in Between’
Toby Young – ‘The Sounds Of No Hands Clapping’
Bill Buford – ‘Amongst The Thugs’
Brett Easton Ellis – ‘Lunar Park’
Ian McEwan – ‘Amsterdam’
Jon Savage – ‘Englands Dreaming’
Alan Hollingshurst – ‘The Line Of Beauty’
Simon Reynolds – ‘Rip It Up And Start Again’
Patrick Neate – ‘City Of Tiny Lights’
Simon Reynolds – ‘Generation Ecstacy’
Alan Hollingshurst – ‘Swimming Pool Library’
William Boyd – ‘Nate Tate’
Mark Haddon – ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In Nightime’
William Boyd – ‘Armadillo’
Stephen Fry – ‘Moab Is My Washpot’
Bruce Chatwin – ‘In Patagonia’
Brett Easton Ellis – ‘Less Than Zero’
Daniel Duane – ‘Caught Inside’
Paul Austere – ‘Moon Palace’
Ian McEwan – ‘Saturday’
Graham Greene – ‘Our Man In Havanna’
Charles Bukowski – ‘Factotum’
Bo Bronson – ‘What Shall I Do With My Life?’


  1. I just thought i would chime in on these two that I have read since we were discussing books the other night and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m a fan of Ellis but haven’t read Lunar Park which I heard was fantastic. Also, I’m a big John Fowles fan. The Collector was a page turner but I really loved ‘The Magus’ – have you read it?

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