Posted by: martinworster | December 5, 2002


yes, I made it. Ten hour drive in my jeep across France (thanks Ed). Pretty uneventful apart from the bird (featherd type) that flew into the path of the car – when I stopped it was stuck in the bull bars. All I could think about was the possibility of its little chicks stuck in their nest with their mouths open waiting for mom. Then I figured if I left it in all the way to Chamonix it could be grilled and eaten. Then I remembered I was vegetarian!So its a mad place and breathtakingly beautiful – check the pix from my balcony with Mont Blanc just to the right. There’s a before and after as when I arrived there was a little snow. Then the next night it didn’t stop and its the best early season snow here for ten years. Arn’t I lucky?Been boarding three days as Laurence, Nick and Ben came out and we caned it. And we met Cecile who we know from University and lives in Annecy on Sat – she left us trailing. And it’s great. Beautiful off piste, jumps, cliffs etc and I’ve only seen about a 16th of it as not all the lifts are open – and thats just this valley. I don’t think there’ll be enough time left to fit it all in. Went to Italy on Sat through Mont Blanc Tunnel (12K) and suddenly it was goodbye Bonjour and hello Bonjourno. Mad! Looking forward to 360s next week and cliff jumping end of season. Also want to climb Mont Blanc and do the luge (bobsleigh) plus the billions of other things you can do here which I’ll leave up to your imaginations so go figure.Eveyone seems really nice so far and I can’t remember all the names so God knows what it will be like when the season starts! I had fears that everyone would be 18-21 and I’d be the out of place oldest swinger in town. Which I still am, but there’s also people my age (and older). Investment bankers and city types who’ve upgraded their lifestyle etc. I live with a South African, three Northern girls and a comical Cornishman who is the bouncer and incredibly sweet.

So anyway, forgetting why I’m really here. Oh yes, it’s the opening night of the club tomorrow. I had a massive panic attack yesterday and my left eyelid is still twitching uncontrollably from this. I was shown the DJ booth and…and…and…it was like, what does this button do? Where’s the volume? How do I control the lighting rig that cost 10K?…yup, I nearly pooped myself. There’s also posters in the town advertising the night and its a big event so there’s no pressure. I’ll let you know how it goes…he he.

So this is brief, there’s loads more to tell and I hope you’re all well and don’t miss me too much in England. Sorry I can’t be with you right now but I will think of you on Monday mornings when I’m sitting a top a red run with the fresh air blowing through my nose. Sorry! I’ll also be putting this on my website with pix and regular updates and will forward address in time.

Oh I also lost my phone on first day – I’m getting a French one and will forward no asap. I’m also keeping UK one.

If you’ve read this far well done as I’m also about to give you my address here for Xmas cards, postcards, pressies etc. I’ve gotten a fair few emails from people who are abroad and I have to say I often read the first para then its delete time.

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