Posted by: martinworster | January 6, 2003


Christmas passes, Eddie and Owen cause trouble and I feel at home…oh and its snowing and breathtakingly beautiful.So quite a night really. Woke up feeling rank on Christmas day. Bawled my eyes out missing my family. Things got better though. Nice meal with everyone who I work with and it had a pleasing surrogate family vibe. We played Secret Santa when you draw a name out of a hat and buy them a present. I got a mini Cuckoo Clock for my DJ booth as I don’t have a watch out here and it’s useful to know the time when you’re playing. It’s also a constant reminder that I’m in cloud cuckoo land. Also, it’s useful as I know its time to play more Michael Jackson when the big hand touches the little hand. Ha ha! MJ keeps popping up I’m worried.I’m enjoying it here. I have to be honest there’s been moments of ‘Why am I here?’ but I used to get those in London. When I lose faith in being in Chamonix I just walk out and look up and there’s a constant reminder in the majestic beauties of the mountains. Its really breathtaking in a Wordsworthian awe at nature kind of way.Living in the mountains is a different feeling. I think there’s something about Chamonix that gives it a certain edge. The runs are edgy – quite unpredictable and not very wide. I like them very much. The place also attracts a lot of extreme types – moutain climbers, bikers, boarders, extreme twats, extreme Fulham Road types etc – which also adds to the atmosphere. It’s also slightly claustraphobic being surrounded by mountains on all sides with their imposing presence and the dramatic climate you get here. Overall I like it. I’ve made my bed and I’m staying here even though there have been weaker moments when I’ve felt like coming home. But no, I’m here for the duration. Today (29th) had another day on the slopes which was awesome. It hasn’t stopped snowing for two days and its clean powder. Bootiful. In fact today has to be one of my best boarding days including some nice off piste with a mellow tree run (wow, I’m really slipping into the boarder speak). I hope I’m not turning into a cliche. If I come back with bleached hair, a ring through my eye lid and a Celtic band on my arm someone please shoot me.I’ve got me two old mukkas Edward and Owen out for a week or so which is proving to be humorous as they large it up in a wideboy more-Champagne please kind of way. I’m sure this will bring some additional humourous tales, which, if you’re interested, in I will be recounting. Blimey it’s New Years Eve in two days, that should be interesting so see you in 2003 and happy new year…


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