Posted by: martinworster | January 6, 2003

4. 2003 IS HERE…

It’s the New Year! Failed 360s, aching backs, cheesey music and astounding mountain scenery..

05.01.02 – So New Year’s been and gone and it turned out to be quite a night. I played in the main room in between the band and after they’d finished. They’re called Nutonic and do covers as well as there own stuff. Nice lads – don’t think there signed if any of you music biz bods are interested. The venue was Cybar which is big (200+ people) and attached to Dicks Tea Bar where I normally work. The band went quite heavy so all the blokes started moshing with their tops off – basically banging into each other in a drunken frenzy. As a result I thought it was time to chill out hence uncle Marley was pulled out of the box and ‘Could You Be Loved’ was the order of the day. Then I played cheesey but good – Van Morrison ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, Steelers Wheel ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’, Spandau Ballet ‘Gold’, Madness ‘Must Be Love’, Survivor ‘Eye of The Tiger’ etc. Basically the whole room sang along as I pulled the volume down on the chorsus’. It’s always been an ambition of mine to do this – ambitious huh? What’s left in life to achieve now I’ve reached this peak? I did enjoy it and as it was New Years Eve this was the sort of music the punters wanted to hear. I’m not a musical snob – I can’t be out here. If I get another request for Kylie though I might be punching someone’s lights out.The last two days the temperature’s dropped and it’s only just stopped snowing. There’s loads of it! Shame that the flu I had just got worse and no boarding for me. I’m not a hypochondirac or anything but I felt rank yesterday. In my bed, sweating like a ……., and feeling slightly trippy with my head cold. As such I didn’t work last night and spent the night in The Mont Blanc hotel for a bit of peace and quiet and room service. Feel slightly better today.French moan number one – dog shit everywhere. No one bats an eyelid when a big greasy hound squats in the middle of the town square for a chalky dump. Yuck! I think it’s disgusting!

French moan number two – customer service doesn’t exist out here. Excuse-moi, je voudrais…and then you get a ‘NON!’ amid a waft of garlic and decomposed snails. Don’t mean to stereotype or anything.

Ed and Owen tales – too many to mention. Can’t really print them here. I brought the jeep of Ed though as I couldn’t face parting with it after driving it here. I am now the proud owner of a Mercedes thank you v.much.

Have to tell you about a little project I’ve completed and I’m very proud of. Basically I created a soundtrack for family cine films from the 70s which were transferred to DVD. It’s totally insane. The music wasn’t edited in time to the film – it was just a sequence of tracks – but it totally looks like it was edited. Really surreal moments like Madness’ ‘Our House’ playing and then the frame would pan to…you guessed it, a shot of our house. Spooky. There were loads of these moments. Abba’s ‘Mamma Mia’and mum’s there. Obscure 70s track ‘Cool In The Pool’ and there we are splashing around in the pool. Strange but very moving.

Boardings coming on but I hurt my back two days ago. Flick, Ashley and Cecile came over for a few days. On one of these days we found a little kicker and some of the boys were trying 360’s. Naturally I thought I’d give it a wack. Got some height but after 180 degrees I corkscrewed and ended up landing on my back from about 6 feet. The instant I landed I thought I’d broken my back. I couldn’t breathe, heavily winded and three days later my back still hurts. I will crack the 360 but not on packed snow!

DJings coming on too. Its getting pretty mad. It’s also great as I’ve now got quite a few assistants as everybody wants to be a DJ. Some nights I get people to play for two hours so I can ‘hang out’. Or I’ve got Jamie from SA who I work with and he’s a budding DJ so I can hand over to him when I feel like a little wander. In time I’ll get it down so that I play 3/4 nights a week as I strategically use the minions. Last night we had a skool disco night which was fun but I’ve run out of time and space so will tell you about it later. Adios.


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