Posted by: martinworster | February 6, 2003


More Swedish antics, silly t-shirts, Italian religious experiences and generally feeling ‘European’

 Update – I’ve now also met another Swedish girl called Anna who, you guessed it, is 19 and stunning. In fact I’m not going to bore you anymore with this shit as I reckon it could be tiresome so I will stop right now.Catalogue of silly requests: Being a DJ I see a lot of people come and go. Most of them go! I also get a lot of silly requests. Aside from the usual Kylie / S Club 7 / Bat Out of Hell (* delete where appropriate), there’s a few others worthy of note. ‘Have you got shiny disco balls?’ (a song) came the question the other night. Thinking on my feet, my reply was; ‘no, I’ve got quite big hairy ones…’ boom boom. The other weird one was a request for something ‘with a beat’. Simultaneously a Timbaaland R&B production (ie a mad beat) was playing so I was a bit flummuxed. Errm, this has a beat!

I’m actually thinking of getting some slogan t-shirts printed. Things like ‘fuck off I’m mixing’. Or ‘This is a Kylie free zone’. Or even ‘Don’t talk to me unless you’re Swedish and 19.’ Actually thinking about it I won’t as it might be a bit sad.

Also amusing is the unpredictable and at times surprising moments I’ve experienced. Last weekend there was a whole lot of Italians in the house for the weekend – half an hour through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Chamonix from .it grazzi very much. They were typically Italian in that they were well turned out, didn’t really spend money and were drunk after a couple of demi-beers. Obviously I played to the crowd so it was cheesy pop all the way. The weirdest thing was when I dropped George Michael’s ‘Faith’ which has a quasi-religious opening with church organ pipes blaring etc. At this the whole crowd started instantly clapping which was strange. It was as if they’d all instantly spotted the Pope in the Vatican. Hereth endeth the sermon from Rev Worster…

Well we’ve had amazing snow the last week and I’ve been absolutely flying down the mountains. I’ve just had four days on the slopes and its awesome. Big powder days where you can literally throw yourselves off lips and land in five feet of powder and even if you stack it – touch wood – it doesn’t hurt. Backside 180s are coming on very well thank you very much. I was meant to do an avalanche course the other day where you go out and learn about different types of snow, back country awareness, how to use avalanche bleepers to locate yourself if you get buried etc but alas I slept through my alarm. I thought how ironic it would be if on the avalanche course the whole course got wiped out…by an avalanche. I’m also going to do the Valle Blanche next week where you go up the Aguile De Midi (v.high and right in front of Mont Blanc) and board down an untracked glacier for 22 kilometers whilst avoiding crevices and cliffs. I shall be going with PJ who is our doorman and a bit of mountain man as you need a guide. Full report to come and in the meantime au revoir.

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