Posted by: martinworster | May 6, 2003


Annecy for the night, time running out, snow continues to melt and this place gets even more beautiful as the white turns to Alpine greens…

 Fear. It’s an interesting thing. I definitely see parallels between riding the mountains and life. Applied to both, fear is a debilitating factor. If you have it you won’t succeed. I’ve only just overcome my fear from December 2001 when I fractured my shoulder in Zermatt, Switzerland when I jumped and landed on ice, on my head, from some height. One of the reasons was that very morning I’d bought a helmet and felt invincible. I wasn’t. I’ve ony just really overcome this fear when jumping and I’m pleased as fear holds you back. Obviously often it’s a rational fear. You jump and your body wants to tell you there is a risk factor and you can hurt yourself. Maybe it’s age. I see all these late teens and early twenties who don’t have the same fear. I remember I didn’t. And maybe at 30 I’m too old to be throwing myself off things but I shall continue! But as I mentioned in the last three weeks things have opened up for me and I now have no fear and have begun to fly!

I’ve also just come back from Annecy where I saw Cecile for a night who I was at University with back in the day. It’s a lovely town about an hour from Cham and very picturesque and good for shopping so I further pumped my record collection with obscure deep French house and New York electroclash which will never get played at Dicks. It was lovely of course to see Cecile too! Annecy is lovely. It reminded me of Bath in a way – genteel, picturaesque on Lake Annecy which is so clean that there are no fish (believe) and pumped full of rich Swiss people which is just across the boarder.

The good news is we had a mini-dump (April 2). The bad news is that I was too ill to enjoy it. I had a serious bout of flu – ie couldn’t get out of bed, acheing, sweats, unaided hallucinations, fever, sceptic throat etc. Pretty nasty and ill timed to coincide with the first fresh snow for six weeks, but hey you can’t have everything! I’d obviously been overdoing it a bit too so the flu was coming. It was purely conincidental that I was at Deluded (Chamonix’s weekly world renknowned club night) on the William Hills the night before the bug got me.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but I am coming back to Chamonix next winter. I’m very fond of the place and feel very home here. I don’t think I could spend a winter away from the mountains now. In fact I might build my own refuge in the mountains, grow a beard, meditate and write obscure poetry. The plan is to buy a property in Cham and live here as a semi-resident next season. Maybe DJ one or two nights a week. If I had to make one criticism of Cham it is the female situation. There are none. It’s an extreme place so it’s not as if you get groups of attrative girls going, ‘Hey Claudia, I fancy doing some gnarly 30 foot cliff drops this weekend, do you fancy a visit to Chamonix?’

‘Why Charlie, that’s a great idea, I’ll bring Jennifer, Mary, Annabel, Sally, Sarah, Lucinda, Jessica, Fiona and all the other beautiful and intelligent friends I have. I know Jennifer is desperate to nail 540s and that fit DJ at Dicks T bar.’

One thing I’m looking forward to next season is buying new gear for the mountains. This season I went for a bit of a desert storm commando look with greens, greys and a sandy colours – even my Burton 7 board with Flow bindings was green. I suppose it suited the times really what with the war and that. Next season I want to go more colourful.

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