Posted by: martinworster | May 6, 2003


Visits to Milan, Swedish therapy, Dazed and Amused, UK is getting closer, write more random things

 I’m glad I’ve got over my Swedish obsession. In fact I think I’m becoming a bit bored of them. I was thinking that the Swedish God must employ a very diligent assistant on his human production line as they are all so perfect looking; ‘Slight mole below eye, send back. This one’s no good, the teeth are slightly crooked. Hmm, this one has some dark facial hair above upper lip – send it to Italy.’

Sometimes it feels like I’m on the set of ‘Dazed and Confused’ in Chamonix. Don’t know if anyone’s seen the influential mid-90s film by Richard Linklater but to me it’s a classic. Besides the obvious commentary on Generation Y’s – or in Chamonix’s case, Gerneration Who’s – it reminds me of Chamonix for many other reasons. There’s a great scene in the film where the camera follows characters as they go about their daily mundane and directionless lives (no comment). You can walk through Chamonix and it’s the same. ‘Great boarding man today. Hey Brad what you up to tonight?’ ‘Getting drunk doood’. I’m quite looking forward to getting back to London and culture and ‘real life’ for some time.

Frequently my life in Chamonix seems like a dream. Take where I live. Above a snowboard shop, next to a babbling brook, awesome views of Mont Blanc from my balcony and with a coffe shop next door run by two Swedish beauts where I can go down stairs and get a nicy Illy coffee in the morning. It’s almost perfect apart from the fact that the plan was I wouldn’t have to move from my bedroom to get my morning Swedish coffee. Oh, well you can’t have it all and I’m conscious of having a relapse in my Swedish obsession.

Being a resort it’s very transitory although you do get such an array of characters here who’ve fallen by and made Chamonix their home. Take Darren (or dogdy Darren as he’s proverbially known) who’s from Newcastle and looks and acts as if he’s been teleported from a field beside the M25 circa ’89. In fact I think he has been teleported straight from a rave and landed smack in the middle of Cham. Long hair, pot smoker, pill head, raver. Didn’t think they existed any more.

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