Posted by: martinworster | November 8, 2003


Rubiks cubes, Human League, Ultravox, Cindy Lauper, Duran Duran, beautiful three note 80s synth pop…oh days gone by what the hell is going on?

 I started a creative writing course the other day. I’ve never done anything like it before. I was very nervous the first session. I had concerns that it might be AA meets NA meets self help mandy pandy, especially as the teacher was from the US. I was worried it could turn into a group hugs lets all make howling animal noises to each other type scenario.

Our first task was to write for ten minutes with the beginning words ‘I remember…’. Mine was a little story when Dexys Midnight Runners made it to number one with ‘Come On Eileen’. I did another one when I recounted the first time I heard Ian Durie’s ‘Hit Me With Your Rythmn Stick’ in the late seventies. Ironically I was also on the Iberian peninsular at that time – if I remember correctly it was either Benidorm or Torremolinos and we were with my relatives from Liverpool as we always took family holidays together. On the chorus of the ‘Hit Me’ my cousin Paul would hit me with a snapped off leg of lobster as we were in a restaurant at the time…’Hit me with your rhythm stick. HIT ME! HIT ME!’

Eighties music. I hear it all the time here. The other thing is a great deal of the music was British (don’t want to get patriotic again). Frequently the best dusted off gems from the 80s were actually by a weird forty two year old male from Huddersfield and his trusty Korg two note synth.

They love all this 80s music here. There’s radio stations solely devoted to it. They dress 80s too. It all takes me back to those halycon days when Nick Heywood was King, Thompson Twins were ace and the Bangles rocked my world. I want to sit in a padded cell playing rubix cube, space invaders and pac man with Glen Maderios and Cyndi Lauper duetting on the piped in music as time stands forever still on my Casio calculator wrist watch.


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