Posted by: martinworster | November 8, 2003


No you bloody can’t. Plus Brit pop never died, it just got older, drank some Sangria and headed south to Barcelona…plus a sneaky weekend boarding in Andorra

 One of the best things about BCN is that you get loads of great bands here in the last two months I’ve seen more concerts than I have in the last two years in Blightly. I’ve seen Stereophonics, Blur, Robbie Williams, Suede, Black Eyed Peas, The Strokes and The Darkness. Phew. I also had tickets for Elton John but he cancelled due to illness although my guess is he had a tantrum whilst throwing his tiara. Or a dinner date with the Beckhams. I won’t be boring to review everyone in detail accept to say they were all cheap and in small venues. Blur were the best, I’m now their biggest new fan. Damon Albarn rocked the proverbial joint. Of course I paid attention to them in the nineties but only at a distance. Their new album is amazing. I guess Brit pop never died it just got older and headed to Barcelona.

Actually I have to recount a funny event the other night. I went out with my American friend who I’m not going to name. She’s West coast and talks like she’s a rap star. ‘Aiighhht’, ‘Off the hook’, ‘Don’t flip!’ etc. The other day she went ‘Word to the motha!’. I replied yes, I wrote a postcard to my mum just last week. One time I told her her bum looked fat. I tried to explain to her I meant ph Phat! Anyway the other night we went out and prior to drinking activities she said to me ‘Let’s kick it tonight’. I was like, ‘for Real hun, peace out to all my homies, we’ll be busting 40s and sipping brew.’ After two vodka diet cokes she disappeared to the toilet for quite a while, long enough for me to be concerned. Vomiting noises and slurred speech came from behind the wooden door. I though to myself ‘can you kick it?…no you bloody can’t’ and helped her home like a true gent.

The best thing is now that Winter has come there’s snow in the mountains and it’s only an hour and a half drive away. With this gleeful news I busted to Andorra with a bunch of friends I have made who work on boats. There was a Kiwi, two Australians, a Dutchman, an Argentinian and me the token Brit. Despite that sounding like a cue for a joke it’s not.

Having lived in Chamonix for five months I was sceptical about the Pyrenees and the quality of mountain. Well I take it all back. Admittedly though don’t have the massif drama of the Alpes but they are not to be sniffed at. We went to Pas De La Casa in Andorra and the terrain was varied, good fun and with decent snow for early Dec. There were enough shutes, gullies, bowls, hips, lips, drop offs, cliffs, tree lined runs to suit any dude / dudette. I am planning to explore as much of the Pyrennees as possible over winter. There’s even one resort 1.5 hours a day so I can get sneaky mid-week sessions in. I’m beginning to think Barca has it all.


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