Posted by: martinworster | December 8, 2003


Well I realise I haven’t entered anything on this blog / diary for a while so not sure how to fit it all in. It’s been an immense year in many ways.The obvious news is I’m still in Barcelona and will be for the forseeable future. I keep playing with the idea of moving ‘home’ to UK. I always Romantacise Blighty when I’m not there. Places are like people in that it’s common that you view then through rose tinted glasses when they are not around. I’m always thinking about moving back. Missing family, friends, UK sense of humour…er the weather, parking attendents, London grime and crime, expensive everything. But when I do come back, which at the moment is frequently, after one day I think to myself ‘I couldn’t live here’.

Actually I was flying back the other day and had my pair of tweezers confiscated. Not sure how harmful they could be really be. ‘Hey pilot, fly into that tall building otherwise I shall remove that splinter from your little finger…!’

So I guess I am now an expat. I read the on Sundays, I can order Branston Pickle from an online ‘British’ supermarket or stroll into a real one on Passaig De Gracia here in BCN. I can go to a pub where they serve warm beer. Not sure what my point is? I guess its that its a small world. Also that when you live abroad you feel more British than when you live in Britain. Whatever British is good or bad, racist or non, ex-imperial guilt hangover or not etc.

Obviously I keep up to date every day with our good old friend the web. Actually one headline I saw the other day was ‘Howard Blunt on Cannabis’ which tickled me pink. I guessed the sub editor on the day was having a laugh as Blunt is a well know hip hop slang word for spliff. I’m waiting for the inevitable ‘Straw sniffs at cocaine reforms’ headline to come.


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