Posted by: martinworster | January 8, 2004


People – especially the English – do the silliest things to earn a buck / Euro / pound / dime. Transient, migatory, disapora errrm, what?Well I was on my usual walk through the Gothic quarter near the Picasso museum to my home from home and temporary office, the ‘cyber’ cafe. On this route I spotted the guy who always sits near the Picasso museum with his head in a picture frame and his face painted in a Cubist style. He sits there waiting for tourists to take pictures and leave him Euros. I had to take his picture as he has become a bit of fixture of my time here. So I pointed my camera (see pic) and placed a couple of Euros in his hat and then he replied in a thick Southern English accent, ‘thanks’. I was taken aback and gobsmacked by the things my fellow country men will do to earn a buck (or Euro).

‘You’re English?’ I asked.
‘Yes, don’t I look English?’ he retorted, quick as a flash. This cracked me up, forgetting that he probaly pulls this gag on every English person he meets.
‘No,’ I replied. ‘You look like early Picasso Cubist painting’. And then we proceeded to have a chat. This made my day.

If I have one, one of my main complaints of living in Barcelona is that it feels very transient. I meet really nice people and then they seem to leave (and that’s nothing to do with what I do or say). I guess it’s like if I was an Aussie or Kiwi living in London you’d live there for a couple of years, earn some bucks, see Europe and then fuck off back home – hopefully 😉

I’m kind of the same here, living in that migratory disapora which means I don’t really integrate with Catalans that much. It’s like in the UK I wouldn’t really bother to get to know Antipodeans who are only around for a short time, the same applies here. I’d like to crack the local market but I guess it ain’t really going to happen unless I make the decision to settle here which is unlikely.


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