Posted by: martinworster | March 8, 2004


I do, I do, I do. Newcastle, BCN, Model Miss Behaviour

 Tis the year of many weddings and hence many stags. This explains why I’ve been back quite a bit. Newcastle for Eliots was great but the less said here on my behalf the better. Also had Tall Pauls stag which conveniently for me was here (in BCN). I often see lots of stags here, predominantly on Las Ramblas and it often makes me embarrased they are my fellow country-people. Well on this weekend I became one. No offence please Paul.

We drank the whole weekend, had a few fights (not me officer) and wore the customised t-shirts (replete with St George’s flag). Being a frustrated journalist I can also bring you the inside story on what a peep show is really like with my photos to the left. Don’t worry they’re not explicit. I’m quite surprised I didn’t get the s**t kicked out of me by the owners!

Okay, time for another girl anecdote, hidden in a paragraph to save embarrasing myself further. To complete the picture of the playboy stereotype some people probably have about me I thought I needed a model girlfriend. We’ll actually one kind of fell into my lap like manna from heaven and made me think, ‘there is a God!’.

Actually I don’t want to go into too much detail and, ahem, the ins and outs of the story. All I will say was she was gorgeous and has now left Barcelona but only before doing a cover shoot for Clara Magazine out here. So there I was for a while, with her face beaming at me from every kiosk, newstand and some billboards in the city. I’d cycle to the business centre where I now work and would see here five times. I’ve kind of been haunted by women before but this was kind of different as I didn’t have to rely on my imagination. Funny

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