Posted by: martinworster | April 8, 2004


BCN barrios, getting the needle, whistle possee make some noise…forever!

 Again it’s been far too long since I’ve been in touch so here’s my attempt to summarise the last few months. At the moment I am living in Barceloneta which is right on the beach and as I write I have a lovely view of a late October glistening Mediterranean.

A few souls are littered on the beach and even now it’s warm enough to sit in a pair of shorts and, if you’re brave enough, swim avoiding the cities detritus floating around you. I had plans to swim every day when I woke but shelved this idea after catching a bug from the sea. God knows what lurks in there. I read a scary story in the local paper about how a disembodied, errm, body, was found in a sports holder on the beach. Nice. Not to say fag butts, floating turds, plastic bags, tampons, ice cream wrappers and the really harmful things you can’t see.

It would have been easy as the beach is literally one minute outside my apartment. This would be a great gaff in summer. Barceloneta is the original fishing village for Barcelona – the streets are narrow (you can watch the opposite neighbours telly if you like), funnily enough with lots of fish restaurants and the local population are a mixture of Moroccans, Latinos, Barcelonans and gringos like myself. I like living by the sea. I can hear the sounds of waves at night which is very therapeutic, especially with the tinnitus I am ‘suffering’ from.

Just got back from a day out in Andorra last Sunday as my parents were visiting. The morning I left people were surfing in the sea and it was warm for this time of year. Later that day after a three hour drive to Pas De Casa we found ourselves in blizzards and snow drifts. There’s not many places you can see such extremes of weather but perhaps the most frustrating thing was I didn’t have a surf board for the morning nor a snowboard for the afternoon! The snow was heavy and it was cold, totally unexpected.

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