Posted by: martinworster | November 8, 2004


Touching sloth – or my utter fear of it. Vegetarian for life. No flesh doth pass mine lips. Meat is murder. ETC. Ok, enough is enough.The other day my girlfriend was cooking bacon and the fumes were terrible. I’m sure you are aware of my extreme vegetarianism, so you can imagine how I felt to be polluted with the stench of burning carcass. Which made me think, just like with passive smoking, I am often cruelly and against my will subjected to inhaling meat. Barbecues can be bad with all the cow and pig smoke. It made me for once identify with the anti-smoking brigade. It’s also in other contexts you can be subjected to consuming flesh against your will. Just the other day I was at a hotel in Andorra where the breakfast cheese slices were overlapping with the pork. My cheese tasted of pig. The fact that mon fromage was touching sloth made me want to touch cloth. I couldn’t say anything as I know the waiter would have looked at me as if I were a leper. Vegetarianism doesn’t exist in Spain – or Andorra. Whilst we’re on the subject it’s the last time I kiss my girlfriend after a juicy T – Bone for fear of a piece of cartilage or sinue being inadvertedly passed teeth to teeth.


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