Posted by: martinworster | April 10, 2005


No banditos, going loco down in Acapulco, surfing in Puerto Escondido…

Click to enlarge!Here’s a brief round up of our itinery:

Click to enlarge!Acapulco
We flew into here and it was purely an entry point to Mexico. It was like Blackpool but hotter. I kept expecting to bump into one of the Four Tops who had gone loco down in Acapulco after the failure of his career. Instead all I came across were dodgy Mariachi bands with wide brimmed hats and booming voices. We stayed in a large hotel just off the strip and were kept awake by the loud Marimba techno beats and the shrieks of 18 year old Mexicanas as they sprang on the reverse Bungee.

Click to enlarge!Puerto Escondido
For me this was one of the main reasons for coming to Mexico. It’s a mythical top ten global surf spot, perhaps the most
famous beach break in the world, dubbed MexiPipe for the 20 foot barrels the Pacific regularly provides. I saw good 12-15 foot surf. It was massive.

Click to enlarge!I ventured out a few times on my body board and caught some of the biggest waves of my life. It’s a very fast wave so you feel
like you’re flying and the power of the ocean is mind blowing. I also had a few nasty wipeouts. One time the wave just pummeled me round like a giant washing machine. It actually ripped both of my flippers of (no mean feat) and pulled my
trunks down around my ankles. I thought of the humility of it all if I had actually drowned and was found washed up naked!

Puerto Escondido is beautiful. Didn’t feel any danger despite what we read in guidebooks and had heard about marauding bandits. Instead, it was full of surf bums with limited vocabulary. Quite a few interesting wash up characters – people who somehow ended up there and were stilL there.

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