Posted by: martinworster | May 10, 2005


I am currently recovering from a nasty surfing accident requiring nine stitches in my left foot. It would sound great if I could fob this of as a shark attack but it’s much less gnarly than that. Basically I am a crap beginner who fell of and got stabbed in the foot by his own board. I’m actually still trying to work out how it happened, it all happened so fast.

To use the local vernacular, the wound was totally gross. It was like someone took a surfboard and slammed it nose down into the top of my foot. It felt like it touched bone and it cut a perfect 3 inch diameter half circle. I then touched cloth as I was left in the water thinking ‘blood sharks’. How unfortunate it would be to injure yourself surfing and then killed by sharks drawn by the scent of blood. Unintentional suicide.

Out of the water the pain intensified and I felt the flap of skin, err, flapping on my foot. I had to cycle home. When I arrived it looked like I’d dipped my foot in a bucket of thick claret. I was whisked to the doctors and he did some handy crochet work.


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