Posted by: martinworster | June 8, 2005


Chicks with dicks everywhere, on the beach and mugging friends of mine on Las Ramblas


This place is full of transvestites. Some of them are very authentic. I mean you see what looks like a very attractive lady and you get closer and the signs are there. The hairy Adams Apple. No waist. An awkward looking nose. It’s interesting why there are so many here and they are of all types. A lot of them seem to be from South America. Blacks, mulattoes, whites, blondes. There are a few places where – apparently(!) – lots of tranny hookers hang out, like near the Olympic Village and close to the Nou Camp. I always find it fascinating as to why there is such an obsession here. Even Spain’s most famous film director Almodovar appears to have a tranny obsession judging from films such as ‘Mala Education’ and ‘Habla Con Ella’.

Maybe its an effect of the machismo of Latin culture. Perhaps it’s something to do with the unhealthy interference of over domineering mothers which is prevalent here. Maybe its a mixture of both, but there’s definitely something strange and interesting going on.

Actually Melissa was at the beach the other day and saw two trannys getting asked to leave from the beach by the police as they were making people feel uncomfortable and causing a bit of a stir. People are normally fairly tolerant here so it must have been quite a sight. Big fake tits and an obvious parcel down below probably created a sense of uneasiness in the audience. I wished I had seen it. I also have another anecdote from my friend here Paul who was mugged on La Ramblas by a group of six shemales. He said they all came up around him and accosted him and in the process pilferred his wallet.

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