Posted by: martinworster | October 10, 2005


HB – my new home. Also known as Surf City. 40 mins south of LA on freeway…

Click to enlarge!After three weeks of living with Melissa’s parents, we finally located where we wanted to live. My first stipulation was that it had to be coastal. Living in the land of surf I wanted easy access and some in on the action. We drove the entire coast from San Diego to Los Angeles. Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside…and finally decided on Huntington Beach or HB. HB is 35 mins south of LA on the coast. In fact just the other day I took my mum and sister to LAX after they had visited and it took just over half an hour.

Click to enlarge!Huntington Beach is a typical Californian beach town with a pier, a few bars and hundreds of gormless surfer type doods wandering around muttering things like ‘no way’ and ‘gnarly dude’. It’s very pretty and close enough to LA for the action but far enough to not feel like you’re in the smog, helped a great deal by the lovely sea breezes.

Click to enlarge!HB is actually the original surf city – although Santa Cruz in Northern California would dispute that, and they are currently in legal battle over who can actually be called the offical TM Surf City. Only in America.

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