Posted by: martinworster | December 10, 2005


No way sis, Britpop arrives: Gallagher & Co in So Cal. Plus Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney

Click to enlarge!Feeling starved of all things British I was stoked to see that Gallagher bros were coming to So Cal. They were playing at the Coors TM Ampitheatre in Chula Vista within spitting distance of Mexico. I’d never really been a big Oasis fan – the thump of mid-90s dance music drowned out most of the Brit pop thing for me. But recently I’d been feeling an affection for Liam and Noel, especially their outspokeness and the scraps they get into. Bunch of scallys. Musically, I’d always thought they never really broke boundaries although they, sorry Noel, is definitely a very talented song writer. They hold a relatively important space in British music of the last 10 years and they were in town.

Click to enlarge!For a band who had never really broken America they easily filled a 10,000 arena. The crowd knew all the words. I even heard someone shout a few rows down: ‘We love the Brits!’ It was said without a hint of irony, just another unbridled dose of enthusiastic affection. That special US – UK relationship. I didn’t bother to lean forward and shake his hand.

Nonchalant. The one word I would use to describe their performance. Liam did his trademark hands behind his back as he stooped and sneered into the microphone. He didn’t say anything between songs. It was kind of appealing in a punky, ‘he really doesn’t give a shit if we like him or not kind of way’. It seemed like the hits by numbers, another night on tour with Gallagher & Co. Noel mentioned how they had had a late night. Rock and Roll. Too much Champagnesupernova. I didn’t think they would even summon up the energy for an encore so I left to the sounds of Wonderwall. My thirst for a bit of Britain had been slated but not stirred.

The month of November brings some more musical greats to this corner of the globe as both the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are here. They’re no longer the spring chickens they once were so I thought I’d take my chance whilst I can. And both in the same month. It’s like 1967 all over again. Two birds with one Rolling Stone. Oh dear.

I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Beatles again. Probably a further case of English nostalgia. I can relisten and relisten and I never grow tired. It’s said before but there’s was some magical other world chemistry going on between the Beatles. Not just the Lennon – McCartney song writing partnership but the whole band.


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