Posted by: martinworster | January 10, 2006


Forget football and baseball, America’s favourite sport: shopping

Click to enlarge!The main hobby here is of course shopping. Everywhere there’s huge shopping malls, mega stores, outlet malls, places to spend money. I’ve discovered one store out here called Target. It’s the sort of place you walk into not needing anything but walk out with all kinds of crap. It’s the ‘what other things can I buy that I think I need but don’t really need’ kind of shopping place. It’s a supermarket, electronic goods, home furnishings, books and music, pharmacy, chemist, clothes, sports goods store all rolled into one.

Click to enlarge!Consumerism is the drug. I feel it come over me like a trance as I am magnetically pulled to the shopping mall. ‘I need to buy this and my life will get better’ I chant mantra-style as I plod to the outlet mall Shaun of the Dead style. Give me products. This brand makes me feel better. I think this brand makes me look cooler. That products going to save me time and make life easier. I am overwhelmed. I want to live a life of Zen simplicity avoiding excessive materialism but I think I’ve come to the wrong place.

Halloween is of course a huge deal here. All the shops have rows upon rows of everything you can imagine realted to Oct 31s – masks, toys, outfits, pumpkins, ghouls, witches, sweets, an array of black and orange goods for the scary night. I am not sure why it has elevated into such a big deal out here, but I will of course walk around the streets on the night with my camera dressed as Freddie Crougar.


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