Posted by: martinworster | April 10, 2006


Frisco Baby, foggy journey up the PCH and no sign of the Golden Gate Bridge

Just returned from a weekend in San Francisco and what a great city it is. The last time I was there was back in 1981 when I went with my family. The only memory I have of it is going to a Chinese restaurant, in, funnily enough, China town, where they had a picture of Dr Spoc (Leonard Nimroy) on the wall. You know the type of restaurant which has pix of all famous people who have eaten there.

We drove up the California Coast, the PCH, on what must be one of the great top ten American TM journeys. Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, Big Sur, Santa Cruz. I am sure they are all beautiful – but unfortunately, and commonly for this type of year, we didn’t get too see much of it due to the heavy fog which blanketed the coast. Mother nature, I want my money back.

There were stretches where we could see some of it and it’s just the type of coastline I love; wild, rugged, rough seas, kelp fields, wild and sea life. Parts of it reminded me of Cornwall. We saw a stretch with lots of sea lions, hundreds of them basking and barking on the beach. Playing with each other and revealing themselves as very social creatures, which I guess is fitting as they are basically dogs with flippers, even down to the bark.

Upon arriving in San Francisco I instantly liked the place. Being European you can relate to it more than LA as it seems to have a heart and a centre. We did the normal tourist route – Haight Ashbury to pay homage to the counter culture movement, Fishermans Wharf, China Town and just wandering the streets of this very attractive city. I kept wanting to see cop cars speeding down the steep hills and jumping over the lips like in Hill Street Blues. We also took a boat trip into the bay – again it was very foggy, in fact you couldn’t see anything. We passed under the Golden Gate Bridge and it revealed itself as a dark horizontal shadow above our heads as it appeared through the thick mist. That’s my one disappointment – I didn’t get to see the Golden Gate Bridge, probably San Franciscos most famous symbol.

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