Posted by: martinworster | June 10, 2006


‘We’ll smoke em out…’ and other Wild West cowboy rants..

It’s not nice to knock a man when he’s down, and at the moment, Bush is certainly down. Not that he wasn’t always an easy target. Bush hating is a global sport. US hating is a global sport. I often get asked my opinion of Bush here. I don’t bother going into the yada yada Iraq, oil, terrorist territory as it’s worn out, over familiar ground. I give a simple answer. Is that the best America can do?

The President is the leader of the US. By extension he should be the most intelligent, articulate, inspirational person – or at least close to that – that America has. The President is America’s advert to the rest of the world. It’s US citizens saying ‘look this is the man we have chosen to lead our country’. Well if that’s the best they can do, then something really is amiss.

Having Bush as the nations head is a PR disaster. Okay, he speaks the gun ho language that Middle America computes, the whole ‘we’re going to smoke em out’ cow boy vernacular. But to the rest of the world he looks and sounds like a turnip headed dunce.

That’s the one thing you can say about Blair. You might not agree with what he says and does. But no one can deny he’s obviously a bright, articulate sort of chap. He’s not a bad PR head for Great Britain.


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