Posted by: martinworster | September 10, 2006


How are you daaaaahhhhhling?

I’d heard of air kisses and probably been the recipient of one or two oxygen smackers in London. Daahhling, how are you, moaawh, kiss, moaahw? Also, in a germ obsessed place such as here I could even partially understand the rationale behind resisting being the recipient of germ infected saliva on the cheek, or worse, lips. Imagine my surprise in West Hollywood the other day when I saw two girls in an air hug non-clinch. At first it looked like they were sizing up for a fight as they took each other by the shoulders at arms length and then I realised it was an air hug. They pulled each other closer but not that close. The embrace had all the intimacy of a candle lit dinner with the local rugby team.


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