Posted by: martinworster | November 12, 2006


Gonna bust a cap in yo ass! 

I’m thinking of creating an emergency disaster kit. Tins of canned food, gallons of water, a first aid kit, torch and other items to help when the earth moves and the shite hits the fan. Post Katrina people are a bit edgy about disasters and the governments ability to cope. The main thing here is of course earthquakes.

In keeping up with the Jones’ (or Hernandez’s) I have been thinking of purchasing a gun. When disaster strikes anywhere it’s obviously, well, a complete diaster. But here it would quickly turn into the end of the world. Mayhem on the freeways, everyone shooting each other, murders over petrol, slayings over water. Looting.

The more I live here the more I hope England stays gun free. I read about the woman police officer in Bradford who was shot dead recently and I know that was big news. Over here its a normal working week. Cops get shot all the time. And so does everyone else, judging by the news on TV. There was one incident recently when a meth crazed dude took a 2 year old baby hostage in a shoot out with the police. The baby was shot dead. It’s logical that in a country where it is so easy to buy a gun there will be more shootings. They also love a live on TV, multi-angled car chase a la OJ Simpson here, and these seem to a be a nightly form of entertainment on Channel 97.

I’m often seeing and hearing the police helicopters as they search for ‘insurgents’. At night they use searchlights that splices through the dark illuminating crooks skulking in peoples yard, sorry gardens. One time, even though we live in a good area, it looked like the police were searching in our complex. I buckled up the door and took the safety catch off my Glock.


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