Posted by: martinworster | December 12, 2006


American football = rugby for wimps

 am perplexed as to where the name soccer comes from. So I thought I would do Google and I came up with this:

‘The word soccer does not come from the United States but was a term used by public school and university students, most notably at Oxford, in the 19th Century to shorten the new game “Association Football”. The predilection to shorten words with “er” extended to Rugby too, known as rugger.’

Fascinating stuff, but I am still loathe to call football soccer, even when it might eradicate confusion when talking to Americans. Why do they call American Football, football?There’s no touching of the ball with feet. Handball would be a better name. Or rugby for wimps. American Football is one sport that I am really not keen of. There is no elegance or poetry to the game. It stops every 20 seconds so there is no flow and it makes boring viewing. Then they have four half times, which I guess makes them quarter times, just so they can fit more commercial breaks in.

Thanksgiving is a big time for American Football games, and a report in the LA Times had a picture of a player vomiting and the caption informed us it was from exhaustion. With all those breaks and the fact that the whistle blows for stops every five seconds I can’t see how anyone would be exhausted. I’d like to put him on a rugby pitch and see him after the game. As well as puking, he’d be shitting himself after 90 minutes of a real mans game with no helmets or shoulder pads.

I guess the evidence is there that NFL is not popular anywhere else apart from the States. Speaks for itself. Roll on Germany 2006, its not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.

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