Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Mo worries dude…

I think the belief that Californians are laid back is myth. In
fact I think that most Americans are pretty uptight and hung up.
I love making sweeping generalisations so will attempt to
validate my claim with some observations.

Germs are a big fear here. I find it amusing that every toilet
seat has one of those covers to stop germs invading your ass,
sorry, arse. As if they would want to go there. Sometimes the
covers are automatic in posher establishments. I know this is
becoming more common in the UK now but I find it ironic. Surely
the main recipient of germs is the door handle as a high
percentage of toilet users don’t wash their hands? I wonder why
they don’t have a little machine on the door issuing disposable
door handle covers? That would make much more sense in my book
and eradicate germ transmission.

Californians are uptight about a lot of things and overridden with
anxiety; health, war, terrorism, personal space, health, germs,
drugs…etc. I know we all share these worries but there is a
sense I get out here that Californians more so. Sometimes I just
want to sit down over a good bottle of wine and a packet of
Benson and Hedges and tell them everything is going to be

That’s also the problem once you have lived in more than one
country, you become very pernickety in your observations about the
character of your host nation’s characters


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