Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


The male dildo…

I know James Blunt was last years biggest selling album in the UK
and I hear his muzak seeping through over here now. Browsing in
Borders with my Mocha I hear him piped through the
tinny sounding speakers. He is the male Dido. He is Dildo. Coffee
table dross for the latte masses, a soundtrack to Gap commercials
and car ads everywhere.

And then there’s his lyrics;

“And I saw her face,
Across a crowded place,
And I don’t know what to do.”

Is a couplet (or should that be triplet?) that really stands out,
but there are plenty other examples. It’s the sort of trite that
a love anguished 13 year old would be embarrassed at putting down
on paper, let alone record on an album as a professional. I’m
sure it has an emotional directness but how many times have we
hear those words rhymed? It’s like a rapper singing ‘just throw
your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care’ or a
blues singer singing ‘woke up this morning’. Clichéd, ridiculous
but popular for many – unknown to me – reasons.

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