Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Flag fest…

You see a lot of American flags out here, as would be predicted
for a country that is very patriotic. Also those ‘Support Our
Troops’ car stickers are a common sight. As would be expected of
a superpower who is, in historical terms, a young nation, there
is also that unbridled optimism and naivety that goes hand in
hand with patriotisms.

In America’s self appointed role as the worlds policeman, most
people here genuinely believe that America’s crusade is one of
promoting democracy and freedom. Hmm. And it is so easy to take
snipes at America’s real role and how that is so closely linked
to oil and control of other natural resources. America is the
superpower, and, just like the school playground bully, will make
sure it is first in line for all the best things.

That’s what happens when you are the superpower. You become an
easy target for other countries, some of whom may be jealous of
the advantages you gain. Britain was the largest Empire the world
has seen. We cloaked our right to invade and rule other lands in
the name of civilization and bringing the ‘natives’ out of what
were perceived to be their dark ages. We built railways. American
builds oil pipelines. We used the railways to transport raw
materials like sugar, spices and tea. America uses the pipes to
pump oil. American is addicted to oil, as Mr. Bush said in his
State of the Nation address.

In Britain people are not really – apart from at sporting
moments, especially the football World Cup – that patriotic. If
you hung a Union Jack outside your house you’re either a member
of the BNP or a mad old colonel.


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