Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Dreamt of Californication

It’s a funny old place. I am getting more used to life over here.
There is a certain easy nonchalance to existence out here. A kind
of unchallenging, life in a California bubble syndrome. Lets
consume and pollute to our hearts content and fuck the rest of
the planet. As is true really for the rest of America.

Yes, life is easy. I can drive everywhere and shop to my hearts
content. Gas is $2.45 a Gallon which is ridiculously cheap.
Driving on the freeways I look at the tall palm trees of the
variety that only seem to grow here. Miles upon miles of strip
malls, offices and buildings stretch as far as the eye can see.
Car showrooms the size of six football pitches choka with Chevy’s,
Fords and Lexus’. Even driving through smaller towns they have
huge shopping outlets advertised via 100 foot tall signs so
potential customers can see they exist from the freeway. Where do
all these people come from to support this incredible, mind
boggling plethora of businesses?

I don’t know how to convey my existence here so here are
fleeting, random observations:

All of the menial jobs are undertaken by Mexicans, the economy
would be lost without them. The division of labour is mind
boggling, just go into to any fast food joint and see for

There are lots of shootings. They’re on the news all the time.
Police on civilian. Civilian on police. Gangs on gang.

It feels old fashioned with regard to the sexes. I think feminism
has taken less of a grip here. More on this later.

Rich / poor. Commoner / VIP divisions are immense. Valet parking
being a symbol of that.

Americans take themselves too seriously.

There are a lot of Asian people. In fact, just a mile up my road
there’s neighborhood called Little Saigon.

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