Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


White teeth and fake tits.

People here are very conscious of their appearance. Incidentally,
hen I make judgments and observations here they are about
Californians, who I suppose are a race to their own and not
really representative of Americans. Californians are very image
obsessed. I guess that’s an extension of it being quite – on the
surface – a superficial society. It’s the white teeth, fake tits,
plastic surgery culture. People are very clean and orderly. The
neighbourhoods stretch out for miles, white picket fences and
trim lawns, desperate housewives twitching their starched

All of the cars are very clean. People work out and strive for
that perfect body. Appearances are very important.

People often comment to me on how people from England and Europe
have bad teeth. They ask me if it’s because our healthcare is
bad. I don’t think that’s the reason, rather, people over there –
for now anyway – are less obsessed with how they look. If their
teeth are slightly crooked or browning then that’s part of their
personality, like a mole or freckles, and they are happy to live
with it.

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