Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Not long now..

Click to enlarge!It is only a matter of days and I become a father. Perish the
thought. I still have to pinch myself as I come to terms with the
remarkable journey I / we are about to embark on. Sometimes I would
forget my dad-to-be status and then I would glimpse Melissa’s
belly. Pre-dad-to-be I remember looking at flustered, red and
stressed parents coping with demanding infants. I used to think,
‘glad that’s not me’. On an airplane flight, I’d hear a baby
screaming. Other fliers would titter, trying to read or having
their sleep interrupted, all thinking to themselves ‘won’t that
poxy kid ever shut up?’ Meanwhile the parents would be even more
red and stressed. Again, I used to think, ‘thank God that’s not
me.’ And now it will be. With many Transatlantic flights to look
forward to you.

We have been to babiesrus and bought lots of things. We’ve got
the cot, pram, car seat, play pen, a nappy (diaper) odour eater
machine, bottle sanitiser, blah blah. We also have one of those
little mini baby deckchair things. It’s green and it’s been
sitting on the floor in our sitting room expectantly. I look at
it and think how strange that in a matter of days a new being
will be sitting there gurgling.

I obviously feel their presence already as they are there, albeit
in the warmth and safety of a womb. ‘They’ – we do not know the
sex yet. We went old skool and thought we’d wait and see what
pops out. As if we need

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