Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Tristan Harry Worster enters the world at 2.47AM on February 7th 2006 at the Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California

Monday February 6th

11.59 PM

We are at home in bed. Melissa starts to complain of a cramp in her stomach. I was almost asleep. As our baby wasn’t due till the following Saturday, Feb 11th, I thought it was just that. A stomach cramp that would go away. It started to get worse. She called her hospital in Loma Linda (about a 40 minute drive from us) and they told her to call back in an hour and see if it got worse.

It started to get worse. At the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘oh no, this can’t be happening now. Can it?’ This was the first time for both of us, we didn’t know what was or wasn’t normal.

Tuesday February 7th

12.24 AM

By now Melissa is on her hands and knees in her bathroom howling in pain. I’m awake now and starting to panic. We never covered how to deal with this sort of situation in baby class. I tell Melissa that I am going to move her and take her to hospital. She screams that she can’t move. She is crying and sweating and howling. I’m wondering what the neighbours think we’re up to. I feel helpless as there’s nothing I can do to make her feel better, she is trapped in her own pain.

12.43 AM

I call 911. They hear the cries of pain and a very nice and calm lady tells me to explain the sitution. I tell her her waters have broke. She tells me to look and see if I can see a head poking out. I tell her – thankfully – that I can’t right now but will get back to her asap if I do.

She tells me help is on its way and to stay on the line until it arrives (in case the head appears, I suppose). I start to pace around the house, phone clamped to head, praying for the emergency services to get here. I pass the phone to Melissa but she can’t talk.

12.49 AM

Help arrives in the form of firemen. That’s right, in the US firemen are always the first on the scene at emergencies. Before I know it five firemen are in the house asking me the lowdown. They see Melissa in the bathroom and hear the howls and see the blood. Two of them then carry her down to the fire engine and get her on a bead and hook her up to a drip.

I’m running around the house looking for things to take. We are obviously very unprepared. At first the firemen won’t let me travel in the back of the truck with Melissa as they are very uptight over here about liability. They relent when Melissa protests and give in to the cries of a woman in late stages of labour.

Melissa starts contracting regularly. One of the fireman has had four kids and is very helpful in talking Melissa through the pain. I think about how its a good job we aren’t in our car going to the originial hospital which was further away as I would have been delivering on the hard shoulder. The nice fireman tells Melissa to focus on the clock at the back of the van. I look at the clock.

1.03 AM

We arrive at the Hoag Hospital ER department. The Hoag is in Newport Beach, Orange County. We are greeted by a team of medics waiting for us expectantly. I get asked questions. A nurse feels to ascertain the stage of dilation and looks surprised as she tells us she’s very ready and we move into another room for the birth. In the hallway other pregnant women are wating around, some leaning over beds breathing heavily. They look concerned to see Melissa screaming, as they think ‘god, is that what’s in store for me?’…cont’d…


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