Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


In the words of Radiohead – ‘Everything’s in it’s right place’…

1.10 AM

Four nurses and a doctor are our birthing team. Melissa lies in the bed and gets on with the job. I won’t go into too much detail about this section of the story. They are all very surprised at the speed of the chain of events, especially considering this is Melissa’s first birth and they are normally late. We don’t know what the sex of are nearly born infant is. Thoughout it Melissa had no drugs for the pain as there wasn’t time to issue them.

2.47 AM

It’s a boy! I cry as I see his winkle glistening in amniotic fluid. All along I hoped and knew it was a boy.

Tristan Harry Worster pops out to say hello. Eight pounds heavy and 19 inches long. A lot of fine black hair on his head. I’m overwhelmed. They suction water out of his mouth and hit him on the back with a contraption to remove water from his lungs.

A nurse goes through the Quality Control checkup. She pulls his arms apart and then lets go to check his reflexes. Fingers and toes are counted. His ears examined and spoken into to gauge response. Eyes peered into. Testicles and willy scanned. His lungs are obviously okay as he is screaming at the top of them. Everything is perfect.

Judging by the chain of events, he seems very keen to get out into the world. I restrain myself from renaming him Speedy Gonzales. I then think how this name would be doubly apt thinking as he was conceived in Barcelona and I wanted some form of Spanish homage in his name but I leave it. Everything is perfect and I won’t try to change it.


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