Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Look what we made…

Click to enlarge!It’s hard putting into words the feelings and thoughts after becoming a father – but I will try. It’s also hard to write about this experience without resorting to cliche but I guess cliches exist for a reason as they are normally true. Before having a baby I always heard people talking about ‘the joy’ of having a baby. And to ‘cherish’ every moment. Before you know it they will be grown up. Enjoy it while you can. ETC

They are not wrong. It certainly has bought a lot of joy if that’s the right word. Joy has a religious connotation for me and that’s not what I am getting at. Although there is something deeply religious about the whole thing – I don’t think any life experience can top watching the birth of your child. Apart from of course being a woman and giving birth to a child but after seeing it I’m glad to be male. I remember when Tristan came out and the midlife plopped him (he was quite gooey and wet) into Melissas arms. A live human! And we made him!

Even in these first few weeks its amazing how quickly he develops, affirming the aunts and grannies cries of ‘my hasn’t he grown’ to be just and true. Nearly a month after his birth his face has filled out, he is more robust, almost holding his head up.

Hours are spent examining every move and whince. Was that a smile? For any body movement or feeling hundreds of extreme facial movements are made to arrive there. Going to the toilet is perhaps the most entertaining. Grunts, slanted eyes, a grimace here, a grrr there, whinceing and then a wide, alert eye opening after the deed is done, a repertoire to put Jim Carey to shame and a definite Gold in the facial Olympics.


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