Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


Mini me, dread the thought…

Click to enlarge!It’s hard to describe looking into his eyes. What’s he thinking? Nothing probably. There would be times when I would be doing something else and I would be focused on it and lose recollection of this enourmous life change that had happened to me. I would forget I had a baby boy. Then I would hear him cry or see him and remember that there was a Mini Me. I could go on for hours with this baby guff, the endless drivel of a new dad cooing in a dribbling, fuzzy mess.

He is a little fledgling. Mouth wide open, red faced and screaming with all his might, expectant for a morsel and if it doens’t come quick there is no relent and a further slide into hungry anger. Where’s my food? Melissa is breastfeeding so my duties are exempt here. People would ask me about the sleepless nights but to be honest I can count them on one hand. But then I don’t have breasts and I don’t feed him. Ask Melissa and its probably a different story.

I remember at the birth and how quickly he came out that I wanted to call him Speedy Gonzales. Well that has now been updated to Greedy Gonzales. His appetite is big, thankfully, as he is obviously a very healthy boy. You can see he is going to be big. He has large hands, his limbs look long and strong. I wonder what sports he will like, obviously with a bit of pushing in my direction to the Ocean and Mountains.

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