Posted by: martinworster | February 12, 2007


OC boy with a chopped willy

Click to enlarge!I wonder how he will turn out if we decide to stay living in California. A little OC boy, born at the Hoag in Newport Beach, a hospital which has valet parking. You can’t get more OC than that. Will he like punk ska music, skateboarding and hanging out at the mall?

His penis has just recovered from the circumsicion which at it’s grimmest looked Medieval. A doctor came clean and told me there is actually not really any proven medical reasons for it. We decided it would probably be better for him as 99% of Americans having their foreskin chopped off so to avoid any teenage shower goading we thoght we’d take the when in Rome approach. I quickly changed my mind when I saw the purple, bloody wound afterwards but by then it was too late. Un-circumsion isn’t an option. I thought that he might have problems relating to me as we were different. Daddy what’s the funny extra bit you have down there? I wonder if its too late for me to get the snip so I can fully relate to my son?

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