Posted by: martinworster | March 12, 2007


Bare with me, more Tristan stuff…

Click to enlarge!I can’t never work out why when babies are tired they cry. Why don’t they just sleep? Tristan has further confounded my bafflement. He can whinge and whirr for hours, teetering on the edge of sleep, drifting in and out. Seeming like he doesn’t want to miss a trick as he makes great efforts to not sleep. Sometimes he does the drunken man trick when his head nods from side to side, back and forth with heavy lidded eyes.

He is quie high maintenance but then I’m told that’s a sign of intelligence. He’s used to being held so now he doesn’t like to be put down and will start whingeing if he is. He has now (at five weeks) learnt to smile. That’s an amazing thing. Who taught him that? His whole face lights up and its hard to put into words what that does for you. You end up sitting there for hours, cooing and making gurgling noises, in the hope of a smile or at the very least a subtle grin.

The other day I woke from a heavy night out drinking, a rare and unbeautiful thing these days. I had a twisted hangover and felt sick. Melissa handed Tristan to me in bed and I held him over me and he proceeded to vomit all over my face. That was a new experience for me, having a hangover and someone else vomits over you. Luckily it didn’t start a chain reaction of vomiting.


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