Posted by: martinworster | May 12, 2007


Rubbish, litter, junk, gumph, crap, shit…garbage.

Click to enlarge!I’ve come to the conclusion that 80% of everything here is total garbabge, particularly the media. Every day I get the LA Times delivered to my door and most of it is adverts, circulars, coupons, offers, and other junk mail as inserts. On Sunday it looks like four trees have been chopped to make one addition and 80% of it is advertising gumph as I strain my back to pick it up. I shudder at the thought of all that ink as a lot of them are very glossy, well produced brochures. Oh how I miss the Sunday Times, Observer and News of the World.

Everyday I have to wade through mountains of adveristing circulars to get my post (mail). When I go to the gym to run on the treadmill I turn on the TV and flip through the 80 odd channels and find nothing decent to watch. Not least, there are commercial breaks every three minutes. Then its the crap you have to plough through; infomercials, Billy Graham type evangelist preachers, the same in Spanish, dross soap operas and more infomercial channels for fitness machines straddled by 70s looking bikini babes with white teeth. You know with those bikini bottoms that have a ridiculously long front like a VW Beetle bonnet.

That’s the thing here the quality quantity ratio is seriously skewered but I’m not even sure most people notice or mind.


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