Posted by: martinworster | June 12, 2007


Ex-punks invade Southern California

Click to enlarge!I found some good English company in the form of ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Not that we’ve been hanging out over a cold pint whilst we talked of home and I got some 70s punk gossip. That would be cool, but alas his company is in the form of his daily two hour show on Indie FM. Well I don’t mean alas, as it’s a really good show.

At first I didn’t realise it was the real Jonesy – but then I clicked. On the website. Not least as every day they have competitions and Jonesy plays the guitar and whistles the tune to songs you have to guess. And I thought punks couldn’t play instruments. So, if you ever wondered what happened to all the punks, they moved to LA and got jobs spinning CDs on daytime radio. Actually Johnny Rotten also lives in LA. Maybe it’s a bit of a punk haven, the Kings Road moving way out West. Way Out West. I remember them, vaguely, I can’t remember if they were an 80s synth rock outfit or a 90s synth prog house duo, I think they were the latter.

Back to Jonesy. It’s a very good show, especially since being deprived of all fings Inglish it’s nice to ear a real Landan geezer speak tha trufff. Na wa I mean? All the other radio stations feature annoyingly positive dull as piss Californian presenters with white teeth and serious sense of humour bypasses. Jonesy tells it how it is. And he plays nice tunes.


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