Posted by: martinworster | July 12, 2007


Gas. Or as we know it petrol. I’m not sure what the current price is per gallon in the UK but here its around $3.30 a gallon in the more expensive garages and this is causing a major stir amongst Americans. Gas prices is one of the biggest bones of contention for US voters as they feel it is their divine right to consume it greedily and pollute the planet. Bush was right when he said America is addicted to oil and the addiction will surely prove to be fatal. I have environmental nightmares when driving on the freeways here as everyone drives such big cars. SUVs, pickups with wheels the size of small houses, trucks and other gas guzzlers. They have car pool lanes where you can drive if there is more than one of you and frequently they are empty as everyone drives solo. It’s crazy, dog gone it! I’ve seen haggard housewives outside supermarkets collecting signatures for a petition against gas prices. I always tell them there’s too many cars on the road and that gas prices should be higher, plus it’s not a bottomless barrel, its gonna run out soon and then what will they do?


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