Posted by: martinworster | July 12, 2007


Lazer teeth whitening surgery and tanning salons in California?

They had a special discount on lazer whitened teeth at my gym the other day. It was $130 to get your Hampstead Heaths bleached up. I contemplated having it done. It would be amusing to go back to the UK with dazzling gnashers. They also have tanning salon at our gym. I also find this hard to fathom as it’s nearly always sunny here.

It’s also not illegal to talk on your mobile phones whilst driving here. I also find that bizarre in a place which is so uptight about anything that could be vaguely linked to death, injury or being sued. Young mothers yack into their Sony Ericssons and gang bangers sneer into their Motorolas whilst veering at speed. Perhaps the mobile phone networks have a strong lobbyist who is doing a good job in Washington. More people talking all of the time means more revenues and as people spend so much time in their cars here and they are a natural place to talk whilst stuck in traffic jams, then, well, that’s a lot of potential dough. Phone revenues would probably drop by 60% if they banned it. It’s like the car lobby here. The car and mobile phone companies are mutually beneficially. Perhaps they work hand in hand, a vicious circle of revenue, a feedback loop of call time and gas. Gosh, I am turning into a hardened cynic, but then I sometimes think it’s difficult not to in the good old US of Eh?

I just bought some Neuro PS pills which you take with food and they are supposed to help improve your memory. I keep forgetting to take them though.


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