Posted by: martinworster | August 12, 2007


No more sandcastles on the beach…

There were some recent news stories in Southern California about high levels of bacteria on our beaches. Maybe toddlers building sand castles wasn’t such a great idea after all. Or not, as is probably the case as this is no doubt another pointless scare story with absolutely no value or interest whatsoever. Another in a long line of things to worry about that you shouldn’t worry about.

It’s also probably another example of American over-the-top-ness – anything posing any miniscule threat or danger is seized upon as being potentially hazardous. Even when it’s not. Don’t they realise that bacteria are everywhere and in many situations are useful? Why don’t they do news stories on how many bacteria live in our gut breaking down our foods. Millions.

It’s like those stories about never eating food like peanuts or crisps which are served in restaurants. That was an old wives tale from a few years ago probably with it’s origins in a bogus news story like the beach one. I remember hearing how they did tests on these types of open foods served and they had traces of urine and fecal matter from other people touching them. Proabably true, but I think here it’s a case of what you can’t see doesn’t harm you. Why don’t they do other tests on other food prepared by the chef who picks his nose, mops his sweaty brow and scratches his itchy arse


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