Posted by: martinworster | August 12, 2007


Nutter goes nutty after ten year E binge…

I have just read an astonishing story of the 37 year old English guy who took an estimated 40,000 ecstacy pills for ten years. Get on one matey. Or, got on 40,000 you absolute nutter. This means on average he was sinking 25 a day. I’m currently gurning horrificly at the thought.

“His long- term memory was fine but he could not remember day to day things – the time, the day, what was in his supermarket trolley,” said Dr Kouimtsidis. “More worryingly, he did not seem aware himself that he had these memory problems.” (The Guardian)

I suppose it’s ironic that he spent so long off his trolley he now doesn’t know what’s in it. Even worse, he doesn’t remember he can’t remember. He’s stuck in an eternal feedback loop of forgetfulness. That reminds me, what aisle is the Lucozade on…?


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