Posted by: martinworster | August 12, 2007


More tobacco rants…

I was reading in the LA Times that Santa Monica city council are considering banning smoking on the streets. Now that really is taking it too far. Why don’t they ban cars? I’m certain that overall they create worse pollution which also make it difficult to breath for humans. I’m fed up with the over-zealous California anti-smoking brigade. As you can guess, I still puff tobacco. Actually the other day I met a potential new buddy on a scuba diving course I’m doing. He asked me if I blazed.

‘Blazed?’, I responded, perplexed. Does he mean to get angry easy? Perhaps he thought I I closeted pyromaniac? Then the smoke in my mind cleared and I worked it out.
‘Ah, smoke pot?’ I continued.

Correct. To blaze: smoking the herb, getting friendly with Mary Jane, chowing the cheeba. Resinated cannabis. Resinated crennebis. I told him the only blazing I did was of the Marlboro Light variety. I told him how I used to smoke weed by the baleful from the ages of 17 to 25 but after it started to make me go paranoid I thought I’d knock it on the head. Then I realised he was a potential new buddy and I was probably giving him too much information. I told him that I was no longer paranoid, I just hated it when everyone talked about me behind my back and laughed at me. He walked away.

I guess it is a bit bizarre I still smoke the occasional fag. If I can’t quit here – the home of non-smoking – then I don’t really have much hope. I’m just waiting for them to ban smoking in cars. It wouldn’t surprise me.

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