Posted by: martinworster | August 12, 2007


No speka de Inngerlish

It’s amazing how Americans and Brits speak the same language but we don’t. Some words have totally different meanings. Perhaps the most bizarre is ‘fanny’. In the US ‘fanny’ means your hind quarters. We all know what it means in the UK. I’m perplexed as to how that happened. Was the man who invented words having a huge laugh?

Americans use the word fanny pack meaning bum bag. I just think it’s all rather confusing. What happens, like with me, when you are bringing a child into the world of mixed US-UK parentage and he asks what a fanny is? His mum tells him its an arse whilst his dad tells him it’s the female genitalia.

American’s also don’t use the word fag for cigarette. Fag, as is also true in the UK, is a detrimental word for homosexual so I don’t know why I am explaining this now apart from to recount a funny incident. I was with my brother in a local bar. He was in the toilet having a piss and he turned to the person next to him who he thought was me;

‘It’s murder here to have a fag, innit?’ he said.

The bloke hurridly zipped up and exited sharpish avoiding all eye contact.


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