Posted by: martinworster | August 12, 2007


Serial killers on the lose in Phoenix, AZ

Right now there are two serial killers on the lose in Phoenix, Arizona police have dubbed the ‘Baseline Killer’ and ‘Serial Shooter’. Tucked away on page 16 of the LA Times, it’s a story that tells you a lot about American society and gun culture. At the hands of these two killers eleven people have died – and this story is only on page 16.

Residents of the desert city are staying indoors in the evenings which is when the killers pick off their victims. The evenings are the main time for going out in the cool as day time temperatures are well into the 100s. ‘The Baseline Killer’ is named after a broad boulevard that runs throught the city. He has killed five woman and one man aged between 19 and 39. Disturbingly, the killer likes to initiate a conversation before attacking.

The other killer – ‘Serial Shooter’ – has shot 22 men and women, five of whom have died, and usually picks off his targets whilst driving his car. “Since May 2005, the sniper has largely targeted people walking alone. But victims also include people getting off buses at the end of workdays and riding or pushing bicycles. The sniper has also killed dogs on the street and is believed responsible for fatally shooting three horses on private property.”

Everything about this story is bizarre. It has something of the unreality of a computer game turned real, especially with the police naming the shooters. I also wonder how the police know it is two people. It could be one; ‘Baseline Serial Shooter Killer’. Then the fact that it’s not really a big deal in terms of the news but just another strange occurence in this strange, new country.

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