Posted by: martinworster | August 13, 2007


So sue me.

I read in the OC Register how Diana Newton of Westminster (no, not the original London one) was sueing J.C Penney’s (similar to John Lewis) after she was struck by a mannequin. She was wanted to buy a blouse which said mannequin was wearing and as the saleswoman went to remove the garment the dummy fell and it’s arm struck Newton’s head.

“I felt a burning sensation,” she recalled. Then blood cascaded down her face, she continued. Unfortunate for Newton that she picked such an aggressive, burly dummy. Since the event Newton claims to have suffered shoulder pain and ‘strange sensations in her hand and is now suing the department store.

Another news story sees two joggers sueing the local council after they say poor design of the road lead to them being hit by a motorist. The complaint alleges the city was at fault because the road was dangerously designed and lacked safeguards to prevent joggers being hit by cars. To me it sounds absurd. Why not sue Nike whilst they’re at it, as the trainers they were wearing clearly stopped them from running away fast enough to avoid the car? Or Ray Ban Ltd, for the too-dark lenses that impeded their vision of the oncoming car?

Where does it end? Living in this rampant sue environment means every mishap degenerates into a sorry culture of blame in the hope of financial compensation. I think it’s very unhealthy. Shit happens and sometimes it’s no ones fault. So sue me.

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