Posted by: martinworster | September 13, 2007


The end of the world is nigh…

Reading the news every day I’m often left feeling the end of the world is imminent. If terrorists don’t detonate themselves in front of us then it will be a rogue state that nukes us. Failing that global waming will slowly melt us, whilst we all sneeze ourselves to death from bird flu. How real are these – or any other – threats we keep reading about? Is everything as bad as it’s made out to be by the media? Or is it scaremongering for the sake of a story as the gravitas of all these imminent dangers are amplified disproportionately.

I’ve become sceptical and distrusting of the media of late. I want to move to a desert island to escape the confusing and misleading, agenda laden din of the press. It’s probably made to feel worst living in America. They like to get themselves worked up over threats and dangers. It’s like a sport over here. At any given time in it’s short history there always seems to be some archetypal ‘other’ held up as a contrary shadow to throw it’s moral crusade into harsh, validating light. Communism. The war on drugs. Now the rise of Islamism and terrorism.

CNN have even been showing various disaster scenarios on TV – terrorist bombing a football game, rivers bursting their banks. It’s a bit strange really, I’m not quite sure the purpose of this programming is or what it’s point is. It’s post 911 angst mixed with post-Katrina nervousness in a country that was edgy even before those two disasters hit. Maybe that’s the complex of a superpower, you have more to lose than anyone else and that makes you paranoid.

On a personal level, when you have kids it also makes you worry. I have fallen prey to the media scaremongering and I have been stocking up on containers of waters, dried foods and cans of soup and vegetables. Enough supplies to see us through for a couple of weeks until…until…That’s the other thing about living in America, I worry about how the population would cope with a massive national diaster. I have nightmares about the streets of LA slipping into a lawless, Mad Max meets Blade Runner hell hole everyone popping guns and causing more chaos. I can think of only one thing. Armageddon outta here.


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