Posted by: martinworster | October 13, 2007


Manchester, Madrid and now Los Angeles, I’m being stalked by Mr Beckham

It’s apt that David Beckham has signed a deal with the LA Galaxy’s. LA is the home of vapid celebritydom and unmetered materialism and I’m sad to say that’s fundamentally what David represents. David and Victoria are at the head of the table in the UK celebrity stakes and it will be interesting to see after they ship their thrones across the Atlantic whether there will also be room at the top of the table over here.

David will like the constant blue skies and sunshine. He and Victoria can hang out with Tom and Katie. They can be pictured overloaded with Gucci and Armani shopping bags on Rodeo Drive, blacked out Bently turbo purring outside to whisk them away to their fat pad with twenty car garage in Malibu / Bel Air / Beverly Hills. David will make inroads into Hollywood. Victoria will fruitlessly attach herself to hip music producers. They will be pictured in all the glossy magazines and their parallel universe of existence will further shine light on the empty holes in their adorees lives.

It’s just a shame that football, or, erm, soccer, is the least important factor in this as David sees out the twilight of his career languishing in this tin pot league. I will get a ticket to the Galaxys to witness for myself. I doubt very much whether – and this was one of the main remits for his signing – the profile of football in the US will raised too much. I doubt Dirk will drop his baseball bat and Chad stops his NFL subscription to talk about offside and the latest shenanigans at Manchester United.

On a personal level, it’s interesting to note that two weeks after I arrived in Spain David hot footed it to Madrid. Now he’s followed me to California. I’m doing my best to shake him off but having little joy.


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