Posted by: martinworster | October 13, 2007


First major celeb sighting in a Malibu Starbucks…

I spotted my first major celebrity out here and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We were driving along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Malibu after visiting the just opened Getty Villa. We were talking about how there is supposed to be a Starbucks here which is prime celeb spotting ground. Not that I’m really bothered about spotting celebrities so we stopped in to pick up a coffee.

I was waiting in line and felt my attention piqued by the skinny blonde with two children who was stood behind me in the queue – or line as they call it out here. I turned around and she smiled at me. As I turned back to look at the barrista and decide on what I was having it dawned on me that it was Pamela Anderson was behind me. Despite what I said earlier about not being bothered about spotting famous people, I suddenly felt all jangly in the presence of her uber-celebrityness. I subtly tried to get a better glimpse out of the corner of my eye. She actually looked great, very petite and small. Her breasts didn’t look as big as I imagined they would – I since found out she had them reduced due to back problems. Not surprising – anyone would have back problems carrying those melons around all day and every day.

After getting my coffee I ran back to the car to tell Melissa. Melissa was beaming, as she’d clearly already spotted her. In fact her car was parked next to ours and as I was talking to Melissa through the passenger window Pam came back to get into the driver side. So I was in her way. I smiled again and walked around the other side of the car, resisting the urge to get her autograph or have my photo taken with her.

As far as the celebrity spotting stakes go I’m sure it doesn’t get much hotter than Pammy. It was a perfect LA moment. Pamela Anderson behind me in the queue at Starbucks in Malibu ready to order a skinny soy carmel Machiatto as Tommy Lees two kids held onto their mom. Pammy was stroking the older boys hair and being very affectionate. I thought of the last time I’d seen her. On a boat with Tommy sucking his knob.


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